Connectivity: Native TERRAPIN X App

Extend the capabilities of your TERRAPIN X Laser Rangefinder

Your TERRAPIN X is much more than just a laser rangefinder – and its native mobile app (available for iOS and Android) is the key to unlocking many useful additional features. Be sure to download the app to your smartphone to extend the capabilities of your TERRAPIN X rangefinder significantly!


The unique sensor suite of the TERRAPIN X turns it into a powerful navigational tool. With your own position determined by your smartphone’s GPS, a measured target is displayed in the Google Maps screen of the TERRAPIN X app. By adding additional information to measured targets this feature is particularly useful for hunters and outdoorsmen.


You can use the app as a remote control and initiate measurements with it – a great feature for long range measurements with your TERRAPIN X mounted on a tripod. With the two-point measurement feature you can e.g. measure the distance between two landmarks or the height of a building.


With the app you can change the general settings of your TERRAPIN X. This includes changing the measurement units and activating a range gate that blocks out measurements below a preset value. When connected to your smartphone, settings changed in the app will automatically be transferred to your TERRAPIN X.

To make full use of the TERRAPIN X app features please make sure that the app is running at Version 1.26 or later.

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